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SETH LEATHER (@sethleather)

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 In search of the first customers and reviews. We offer 20 % discount for the first three .I will refund the corresponding amount directly to your BTC wallet.


 Hello ,I am leather craftsman and my name is Seth.    

    Thanks so much for taking an interest in our shop .                We paid a lot of attention to the development of our products  and to deal fairly with our customers.All products are unique  pieces made on demand. After your payment ,we  will start processing your order.The waiting  time is approximately  1 - 2 weeks + secure shipping, UPS or TNT with tracking. Discret packaging, taking care of your private life. Luxury velour bag,comes with every order for free !!!

Leather is a natural product and occasionally need protective wax treatment to prolong his life  . Our leather  products have a high quality "moisture repellent" applied after the  dyeing process and Items have been tested for durability ,but you must have a common sense as to how you use and take care  of any item you purchase from us.Hope you like my leather creations and you'll have  lot of  fun with any of them.

Our work is our passion ,made for your pleasure.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Seth                                                   

NOTICE - SHIPPING POLICY                                                                    For make possible multiple  order - Pay shipping only once ! You have to order your shipment ( Europe , Outside Europe ) under shop listing.