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Save-A-Bit (@saveabit)

A store for hobbyist electronics, gift cards, and services.

I've been an eBay seller for over a decade. Seeing overwhelming positive feedback from my customers makes me happy, and it's good for business. I guarantee satisfaction, and if you have any issues with an item you purchases from me, please let me know and I will make it right.

Please check out my website if you would like to know more about me.


Weekly Giveaways!

No purchase necessary. All you gotta do to enter to win is follow me on OpenBazaar. Winners are chosen randomly each week. I contact winners by sending them a message through OpenBazaar chat. I also announce winners on Twitter. If a winner is not online and I am not able to send them a message, I try again every Friday until they are contacted.


List of winners

Friday, July 15 2016 [x][] - @cryptortrust

Friday, July 22 2016 [x][x] - @refurs

Friday, July 30 2016 [][] - f6470f08a93451d0c1a6915501245031b5be029f (darkandroid)

Friday, Aug 5 2016 [][]- 9ea46a00795b53f18e913a5c64829841a45b6090 (池田勇太)

Friday, Aug 12 2016 [x][]- 579f872b7a8c390d492670d28cb0becf564e6d38 (Transition Foundation)

Friday, Aug 18 2016 [][]- 81be65a677f024f9037c5cfbe5cf1d695dac4a59 (Berkey Water Filters)

Friday Aug 26 2016 [][]- 488e15ba015bddb902eb5e20271a3de6a559ee (Tyler Durden)

Friday Sep 2 2016 [x][x]- @crypto_collectables

Friday Sep 9 2016 [x][]- 4d39fbc7f226038246a26aa6b9a91207899aa95d (China Man Bazaar)

Friday Sep 16 2016 [][]- 73f4d6e404219e4333845e309e0c5ba18089c013 (ob717xmien706e5rf2hegoiozuxr)

Friday Sep 23 2016 [][] - 10fdeeed43105cefaff9db24022cc1dda4878e9f (Aequitas)

Friday Sep 30 2016 [x][] - @downtothewood

Partner Stores

Here are some other OpenBazaar stores I like. If you would like to become a partner store, please drop me a line.

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