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Fusenn - Bitcoin Services + Mod (@fusenn)

<u>Buying items for you in fiat, in exchange for your bitcoin.</u>

Do you want to buy something with bitcoin but are unable as the vendor/website only accepts dollars/sterling/euros or any other currency. Do you wish to purchase things discreetly because of the jurisdiction you are in? Buy anything with Bitcoin that currently requires fiat and have it delivered anywhere in the world. Example of sites that currently don't accept Bitcoins: Amazon, Ebay etc

Currently, bitcoin is not accepted in many places. OpenBazaar will hopefully change that as the start of a true P2P marketplace. Currently however, bitcoin is not an accepted method of payment on many websites and in many shops. If you wish to buy something that requires fiat, I can provide this service for a small fee depending on the item and where you want it delivered. 

In the future, more than likely, marketplaces like OpenBazaar will become the go-to place for people wishing to buy and sell things and cryptocurrency will be used as a means of exchange. However, things do not usually move very quickly and it will take time for the wider public to gain the trust of these systems. In the meantime, I wish to help the bitcoin/cryptocurrency economy grow and help OpenBazaar establish itself.

If you wish to have cold hard cash sent via mail to anywhere in the world in exchange for Bitcoins, I can do that as well.

I can buy from these sites in fiat and accept Bitcoin from you in return. I can ship items to anywhere in the world. 

I am very flexible with my services. Contact me over the OpenBazaar messaging system, or email me @ fusenn@protonmail.ch

I also use pgp if you are serious about your privacy. Message me for my public key.

<u>Disclaimer: I have limits on the amount of cold hard cash that I will send to any one individual or any one place at any given time. If I get the slightest feeling that you are using my services for money laundering or anything illegal, I will not deal with you. Contact me for further information on this if you are unsure.</u>


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