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CoffeeMilkSyrup (@coffeemilksyrup)

I make and sell Some Awesome Coffee Syrup. Just 2-3 teaspoons added to a glass of cold milk will leave you relaxed and energetic. SomeAwesome Coffee Syrup was orginally made 5 years ago by me when I had a wild craving for some chocolate milk that tasted like Coffee and something that didn't put me to sleep. So I got started in the kitchen, making batch after batch of syrups to find the right flavor profile and that night, SomeAwesome Coffee Syrup was born. With just barely any caffiene, and loads of sweetness, my coffee syrup has been a staple in my late night writes. Give it a try, or two, and you won't be let down. For anyone that tries and does not like our coffee syrup, you will be issued a full refund upon proof that you tried it at least. Yeah, I'll watch your testimonial video on if you liked it or not. :)