Airbitz | Mubiz

At Airbitz, we’ve developed the world’s first and only fully private, Single Sign On solution for blockchain and decentralized apps. Our Airbitz Edge Security technology will allow any app to secure client-side encrypted data for their users with invisible encryption, automatic backup, password recovery, and synchronization across devices the user owns. Whether it be private keys for bitcoin and other digital currency, sensitive personal information, secure communication apps, or financial records, Airbitz will usher in the wave of private applications that empower individual users to hold and control their own data. And we’re delivering it with the ease of the Single Sign On experience users are used to with their Google and Facebook accounts.

Here's our ambition:

<br>With disruptive technologies, the disruption comes when technology empowers more people with access to previously centralized resources. Whether it be manufacturing, information, transportation, or in the case of bitcoin, financial resources, these disruptions flatten the hierarchy of our world and empower the individual over the central organization. Airbitz will empower users to secure their own data without relying on the trust of centralized organizations who have failed for years to keep our data secure or private.